Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club accepting new members?
As of 2019, the club is at capacity and we are not accepting members without a corporate sponsor.
​Can I start flying right away?  How long does it take to get my license?

Currently, there is a wait list. Time to start flying could be between 2-4 months. We have certified instructors ready to start your training when the wait list clears. Time required to complete training depends on how often you fly. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours for your private pilots certificate. It is common it to take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

​If I’m Already a Pilot Can I Join? 

Yes currently certified pilots can join the club and rent the airplanes for use. There will be a mandatory check ride conducted by one of our instructors.

What documentation is required to join Cherokee Flyers? 

Joining the Cherokee Flyers Club is simple and straight-forward. We would need a copy of your documentation (scanned is preferred): Driver's license, Passport or birth certificate, FAA Pilot Certificate (if you are a pilot), FAA Medical Certificate (if you are a pilot), last page of your logbook (if you are a pilot), or an application form.

Are there any monthly dues to be a member of Cherokee flyers?  

There is a monthly Membership Due of $30. There is also a one time application fee of $50.

Can the planes be flown to the Bahamas?  

Both planes are instrument rated and are registered to fly to the Bahamas. 

How do I make payments or make a reservation on Flight Circle?  

We are putting together a short instructional video to help navigate Flight Circle. In the mean time, contact a Cherokee Flyers Officer for details.