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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club accepting new members?
As of 2021, the club is at capacity and we are not accepting members without a corporate sponsor.
​Can I start flying right away?  How long does it take to get my license?

Currently, there is a wait list. Time to start flying could be between 2-4 months. We have certified instructors ready to start your training when the wait list clears. Time required to complete training depends on how often you fly. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours for your private pilots certificate. It is common it to take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

​If I’m Already a Pilot Can I Join? 

Yes currently certified pilots can join the club and rent the airplanes for use. There will be a mandatory check ride conducted by one of our instructors.

What documentation is required to join Cherokee Flyers? 

Joining the Cherokee Flyers Club is simple and straight-forward. We would need a copy of your documentation (scanned is preferred): Driver's license, Passport or birth certificate, FAA Pilot Certificate (if you are a pilot), FAA Medical Certificate (if you are a pilot), last page of your logbook (if you are a pilot), and an application form.

Are there any monthly dues to be a member of Cherokee flyers?  

There is a monthly Membership Due of $40. There is also a one time application fee of $50.

Can the planes be flown to the Bahamas?  

Both planes are instrument rated and are registered to fly to the Bahamas. 

How do I make payments or make a reservation on Flight Circle?  

Credit cards are required for payment and everything is done within Flight Circle. Through Flight Circle you will book a reservation by selecting the block of time on the schedule you wish to reserve. Enter the Aircraft (two places), the user flying, the instructor (if instruction is to be completed), along with the time of the checkout. The plane must be dispatched prior to flight (select reservation on schedule and "dispatch" option will appear) and shown to the guard shack officers. A proper dispatch contains no "Red" fields. Upon checking in the aircraft and entering the Hobbs information into Flight Circle, your credit card will be charged. No outstanding balances are allowed so each flight must be paid in full. If fuel is bought off site a reimbursement will be issued. Send a copy of the receipt to the Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer and they will reimburse you up to the approved amount stated on the dispatch page (price/gallon). 

If there are any other questions, contact a Cherokee Flyers Officer for details. 

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