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About Us

A little history..

​The Cherokee Flyers, Inc. started in 1999 by Piper employees to promote general aviation and safety education. Our club strives to bring awareness of aviation to our community by training and educating all members. We maintain a professional staff of pilots and trainers who can supervise all operations including classes, discussion, exhibits, safety seminars, lectures and all training. We have two state-of-the-art Piper aircraft in our fleet!

Flight Training

Our membership includes FAA Certified Flight Instructors available to members for basic through advanced licenses and ratings. New instructors are always welcome.


Cherokee Flyers conducts ground classes and safety seminars. Education courses are also popular with non-flying students just wanting to expand their aviation knowledge. We encourage everyone who works in the aviation industry to learn more about flying.

Aircraft Rental

Flying Members have the ability to rent an aircraft for their recreational or training purposes. Take your friends and family flying. Fly to one of Florida’s many general aviation airports for a memorable lunch or take an aircraft on a fun weekend trip!

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